Sea Trout

Sea Trout

Introduction to Sea Trout

Sea Trout, especially the Spotted Seatrout, are a central part of inshore fishing in Florida. These fish are abundant in the grass flats of Daytona Beach, the shallow bays of New Smyrna Beach, and the estuaries around Ponce Inlet, offering both a fun challenge for sport fishermen and a delicious catch.

When to Fish for Sea Trout

The cooler months, from November to March, are the prime time for Sea Trout fishing. During this period, Sea Trout are more concentrated in the inshore waters of Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Ponce Inlet, actively feeding in preparation for colder temperatures.

Where to Fish for Sea Trout

Daytona Beach's grass flats and oyster bars are excellent for Sea Trout. In New Smyrna Beach, the shallow bays and seagrass beds of the Indian River Lagoon are prime fishing grounds. Ponce Inlet's estuaries and surrounding areas also offer great opportunities for catching Sea Trout.

How to Fish for Sea Trout

Using light tackle with soft plastics or live shrimp is effective. Drifting or wading in the shallow waters of Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach can yield good results. Early morning or late evening, when Sea Trout are more active, are the best times to fish.

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