Introduction to Redfish

Redfish, a prized catch in Florida's inshore waters, are abundant in the estuaries and flats of Daytona Beach, the mangrove-lined shores of New Smyrna Beach, and the brackish waters of Ponce Inlet. Known for their distinctive spot near the tail and strong fighting ability, Redfish attract anglers of all skill levels.

When to Fish for Redfish

The best time for Redfish in these areas is during the fall, although they can be caught year-round. The fall season sees large schools of Redfish in the shallow waters of Daytona Beach, cruising the flats of New Smyrna Beach, and feeding around the oyster bars in Ponce Inlet.

Where to Fish for Redfish

Daytona Beach's Halifax River and the Mosquito Lagoon near New Smyrna Beach are renowned for their Redfish populations. The grass flats and mangrove shorelines in these areas provide ideal habitats. Ponce Inlet's backwater areas, especially around the mangroves and tidal creeks, are also productive.

How to Fish for Redfish

Sight fishing with live bait like mullet or artificial lures is effective. Fishing along the grassy edges and shallow flats in Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach, and near the oyster bars in Ponce Inlet can yield good results. A stealthy approach is crucial, as Redfish can be wary.

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