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Awesome June Fishing

Published May 22nd, 2023 by Pole Dancer Fishin' Charters

We are working our way into some awesome fishing in June of all kinds! There’s been a bunch of mullet the last few weeks making it easy for catching bait. It has been tricky to catch smaller finger mullet at times but bigger 6-8” mullet have been very easy to get. Those bigger ones I like to use for tarpon, bull reds, and big snook. 

The inlet has been holding a bunch of tarpon from 15 lb to 100 plus pound fish. I have been doing best using a mullet with a split shot or two depending on the size of the bait to get it down in the water column some. Croakers have worked as well just free lining but my croakers were a little small for tarpon bait. I have been catching upper slot redfish and some over to 40” around the inlet mainly using bigger finger mullet on the bottom but have also caught a few just using a split shot when I was targeting tarpon. I’ve found a pretty good school I could mark on the fish finder but only a couple times recently. One day it was when I was leaving a slow bite at inlet to come back in the river and just happened to see them on the Simrad. It saved me that morning and made and made for an awesome trip!

Back in the river there’s been some big snook especially at the bridges but also docks. Snook season is closed June- August but they are a blast to catch. I’ve been using croakers and those bigger mullet for the most part but I honestly don’t try the bridges a whole lot with clients because they are very hard to get away from the structure. There’s a bunch of seatrout hanging around docks right now and a pigfish on a cork has worked the best. I’ve been getting quite a few flounder with small mullet and mud minnows on sandy banks especially on the outskirts of oyster bars. Flounder should be moving out in the ocean any time now to spawn.

All kinds of action in June so get out there and get your rod bent!

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